The Flint Water Crisis

May 24, 2016
Category: General

Often in our country, we don’t think about the quality of our water unless we are required to by law. Instead, we rely on the municipalities and city officials to make proper decisions for us and to provide us with quality tap water that we pay to have piped to our home. Sometimes, changes are made in the sourcing of this water, how the water is treated, or how it is delivered that have major health effects.  Recently in the news, the town of Flint, Michigan suffered a major water crisis due to a change in where their water was sourced form resulting in serious lead contamination that has killed many people and made others very sick.  The best way to prevent a similar situation for your family is to have the water in your home routinely tested. Who knows, you could not only save your family from health concerns, but also your community if a problem is found.

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